Honors scholars published in Best of Freshman Writing

Congratulations to three of our Cooper scholars whose essays were featured in the latest edition of Penn State’sĀ Best of Freshman Writing journal. Out of the twenty-three PSU students whose work was published this year, six are Penn State Brandywine students, three of whom are outstanding members of our honors program. Their writing demonstrates the sort of academic excellence and creativity that makes our honors community proud:

Cody Bressler’s essay, “The Political Leader We All Want,” makes a case for Florida Senator Marco Rubio as a politician who is “honest, intelligent, articulate, engaging, humble, and ethical” (page 11).

In “Nothing is Guaranteed,” Ebony Ford relates how her personal experiences have taught her to find motivation in instability: “it is the fear of the unexpected that drives me to prepare myself for whatever is to come” (page 14).

In his essay, “Give Me a Chance,” Chris Watts explains how the internet provides an outlet for those who prefer to avoid more traditional social gatherings: “Through the internet, all aspects of social life can be enhanced and customized to our liking” (page 17).

To read these essays and more examples of excellence in freshman writing, visitĀ http://www2.hn.psu.edu/faculty/jmanis/bof.htm.

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