Honors Scholars to Host GMO Food Debate

On Wednesday, December 11, honors scholars enrolled in 301H will host a public debate during common hour (12:30 – 1:30pm) in 113 Main. The debate relates to the current theme of the Honors Program, which is sustainability. GMO (genetically modified organism) foods are quite controversial, and we have all heard much about them, but are they helpful or harmful with respect to sustainability? This is precisely the topic at hand.

The first team of scholars will argue that GMOs are more viable than non-genetically modified organisms because they play an important role in increasing sustainability, provide additional health benefits, and have positive environmental impacts.

The second team of scholars will argue that GMOs are not required for food sustainability. GMOs are not a necessary evil; they have some negative attributes which outweigh the benefits for food sustainability.

What do you think? Stop by, and you may learn something that changes your mind!

GMO Foods

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