At Penn State Brandywine we are an honors community of Cooper and Schreyer Scholars mentored by honors faculty.  That means that we engage in many academic and social activities, and we are motivated by our passions to make a difference and help to create sustained change locally and globally. On this website and supplemental online sites, we detail our individual and group accomplishments as future leaders in scholarship and civic engagement.

Our short slogan speaks to the levels of engagement that we strive to achieve in our own and larger environments.


The communities we connect with are beyond our honors and campus communities. Our honors research experiments, service-learning projects, and volunteering days help groups in a variety of locations and of all ages. When we take action with the new content knowledge and skill sets gained, we make a difference in our own and others’ lives.

We are Penn State proud to be honors scholars “connecting communities, transforming lives.”


Whether a student is a Cooper or Schreyer Scholar at Penn State Brandywine, we are one honors community that provides the same opportunities for personal reflection, growth, and success.

The Benefits

Honors scholars have the opportunity to:
* Have registration priority
* Take special honors courses and trips arranged for honors scholars
* Work closely with the honors faculty to develop a program especially suited to their interests
* Establish one-on-one contact with professors through independent study and undergraduate research
* Work closely with other Cooper and Schreyer Scholars from different disciplines in their honors courses
* Have honors courses noted on their transcript
Scholarships and Awards

Honors scholars in good standing will be invited each spring to apply for a variety of scholarship opportunities available on our campus.


Complete at least eighteen* honors credits during your first four semesters, half of which are completed in your first academic year (fall/spring/summer).  *(21 required for Schreyer students)

If you are entering the program as a sophomore, you need nine credits. If you are entering as a junior, the requirements for the freshman/sophomore credits are waived.

Complete an additional fourteen honors credits or more during the remainder of your undergraduate career at Penn State Brandywine.

Submit a Thesis Proposal Report (TPR) one year before your intended graduation from Penn State Brandywine. Defend and submit a thesis before graduation.

All entering freshmen must enroll in ENGL 030 (Honors Freshman Composition) and a three-credit honors orientation course that fulfills a general education requirement. Scholars in the fall of the sophomore year take our honors research methods course, HONOR 301H (The Role of Knowledge in Society).  Scholars who complete honors option projects and honors independent research must present their work at the honors Socratic Symposium each semester.

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